Achieving Success and
Paying it Forward

College Summit has influenced the lives of more than 250,000 young people, creating a national network of alumni who serve as our ambassadors, our volunteers, and our staff. College Summit alumni are the best inspiration and support for students following in their footsteps on the path to and through higher education.


First Year Forward

With support from the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, College Summit has launched the First Year Forward program initiative to support college freshmen from College Summit partner high schools as they navigate their first year of college. The goal is to help students learn the ropes on campus and stay the course toward earning a degree.

Just as we have found peer influence to be a powerful way to get more students to enroll in college, advice and encouragement from peers and near-peers can help students have a successful freshman year and persist through graduation.

If you are a College Summit alumni  who is an upperclassman or recent graduate and are willing to virtually mentor a college freshman via online communications, please sign up to be a Peer Mentor. If you are a working professional, we need you to serve as a Personal College Advisor. Learn More.


Build Your Career

College Summit is collaborating with Grovo and Capital One to provide our alumni with free career and professional development resources. As a part of Capital One’s Future Edge initiative, a five-year, $150 million effort designed to help more Americans develop vital 21st-Century work skills, Grovo has designed a series of micro courses using a smart, fresh approach. These 10 courses, which include 60-second video lessons and quizzes, empower people to do their best work.

Our partnership provides free access to the Grovo courses. Learn more at, and to take advantage of these free courses, sign-up here:

To learn more about Capital One’s FutureEdge initiative, visit to join the discussion on Twitter at @YourFutureEdge.

The Movement

Alumnus Cornelius Williams

Imagine a still lake on a sunny day. A single drop of rain hits the water’s surface and ripples begin to appear. I am a ripple. On Aug. 24, 2009, a friend changed the course of my life. As senior year in high school loomed... Read More

Alumna Vanesa Coger

Prior to my workshop, I had never been on a college campus before. Being at Yale University convinced me I wanted to go away for school. Going out-of-state and paying for it was a big challenge for me to overcome. I received a fair amount... Read More

Alumna Hannah Pauley

Neither of my parents went to college, my dad pretty much worked his fingers to the bone making a life for me and my siblings. But in the last month of my sophomore year, he died suddenly from a heart attack. I decided not to... Read More

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The National Alumni Council is a board made up of College Summit alumni members who advise our staff and board of directors. The Council also collects feedback from their alumni peers to improve the overall College Summit alumni experience.

National Alumni Council

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New Haven, CT

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