Picking Up the Beat from Peers

I just saw Miles Ahead, Don Cheadle’s film about Miles Davis. Notes and chords and rhythm are the building blocks of a piece of music, and a great jazz composition deconstructs them, rearranges them, spreads them out, slows them down, and speeds them up. Sort of like what a cubist painter will do to a still life. In the same way, narrative, sequence, images, light, and dialogue are the building blocks of a film. Cheadle plays with these in a similar way, making the form and content of Miles Ahead its own celluloid jazz composition.

FedEx Announces Investment in College Summit’s Student-Driven College Access Program

FedEx Announces Investment in College Summit’s Student-Driven College Access Program. To help students from low-income communities connect college and career.

Alumni Spotlight – Shantae J. Edwards

Meet Shantae J. Edwards, Chicago native, graduate of the University of Illinois, and an active member of our National Alumni Council.

The Habit of Calculation and the Spontaneous Fervor of Kindly Impulse: Compassion and College Access

This summer, College Summit trained 110 teams of high school juniors and seniors from public schools from around the country to coach the rest of their classmates to navigate their way to higher education. They do this by creating teams at their school and driving, under the guidance of a faculty member and a College Summit coach, three campaigns in which all seniors submit their FAFSA forms early; all seniors submit more than three post-secondary applications; and all students in a school make a plan for their life linking their career aspirations to post-secondary education and high school graduation requirements.

Alumni Spotlight – Carlos Amaya

Meet Carlos Amaya, who was a Peer Leader at Miami Senior High in Florida. Carlos went on to Florida International University, majoring in Political Science and Criminal Justice.

College Summit Receives Major Grants from Carnegie, Fossil and Stupski Foundations to Scale Student-Driven Program

College Summit is pleased to announce three significant grants from Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Fossil Foundation and the Stupski Foundation, all focused on scaling our student–driven program, PeerForward, to impact over 1.8 million students from low-income communities over the next decade.

Alumni Spotlight – Daniel Perez

Meet Daniel Perez, who was a Peer Leader at Huntington Park Senior High in Los Angeles. Daniel just received his BA in Business Management from DeVry University.

College Summit program, students warmly praised by West Virginia school system.

The director of federal programs for Lincoln County West Virginia Schools recently warmly praised the College Summit program, which began at the Home of the Panthers this past school year. Director Kirk King was speaking at the May 17, 2016 regular session of the Lincoln County Board of Education in Hamlin. The board approved renewing the College Summit agreement for a further year, at a cost of $14,500 for the program and the curriculum.

A More “Universal Acquaintance”: The Power of Peer Influence

In their new book, Most Blessed of the Patriarchs: Thomas Jefferson and the Empire of the Imagination, Annette Gordon-Reed and Peter S. Onuf tell the story of how Thomas Jefferson, when he was 16, decided he needed to go to the College of William and Mary. In order to pay the tuition, Jefferson had to make the case for the importance of a college education to the executors of his father’s estate. In his letter petitioning for the funds, he argued that by attending William and Mary, “I shall get a more Universal Acquaintance, which may hereafter be serviceable to me.” The executors, persuaded, gave him the tuition money.

Influencer of the Month – Quincy Jones

College Summit launches “Influencer of the Month”, a new series spotlighting our diverse and talented employees across the country. This month, we interviewed Quincy Jones, National Partnerships Manager.

Alumni Spotlight – Kadene Pitter

This month, our Alumni Spotlight goes to Kadene Pitter, senior at Providence College pursuing a career in Marketing. Read about Kadene’s College Summit experience and her future plans.

Influencer of the Month – Maggie Morrow

College Summit launches “Influencer of the Month”, a new series spotlighting our diverse and talented employees across the country. This month, we interviewed Maggie Morrow, Manager of Program Evaluation.

Alumni Spotlight – Mark Camphor

This month, our Alumni Spotlight goes to Mark Camphor, a senior at Howard University. Read about Mark’s College Summit experience and his future plans.

What Are We Talking About When We Talk About Justice?

Is our current system of education just? In the school reform world, we use and hear the phrase “social justice” all the time, but what does it mean? What are we talking about when we talk about justice within the framework of how we educate our youth?

Influencer of the Month – Dr. Johnette Ruffner-Ceaser

College Summit launches “Influencer of the Month”, a new series spotlighting our diverse and talented employees across the country. This month, we interviewed Dr. Johnette Ruffner-Ceaser, Managing Director for Program Implementation.

Success: States to Report College Enrollment Rates

College Summit congratulates and thanks President Obama for signing the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

The Power of Peers

Cornelius Williams never intended to pursue a higher education until his best friend - Peer Leader Ashley Daniels - came along.

Donate Now for 10K ACT Prep Courses

For every course that is purchased, Public Tutoring gives away a free course to a student who could also benefit. Using the CrowdRise crowdsourcing platform, Public Tutoring is raising $35,000 to support this important initiative.


The new symbol is a simple mash up of a student profile and flame. The flame image and PeerForward name were developed in collaboration with College Summit students and alumni in keeping with our organization’s student-driven approach.

New Video: Student to Peer Leader

A production crew spent 4 days embedded with students and staff at a summer workshop in Baltimore. The video that was produced follows two students, Brionna Smith and Antonio Brown, as they make the journey to become Peer Leaders.

College Summit teams up with Reach Higher for College Signing Day

College Summit will be collaborating with the First Lady’s Reach Higher initiative to celebrate graduating seniors, showcase our student leaders and inspire more young people to take the first steps on their journey to higher education.

Star-studded Gala Raises $850,000

On October 6, Phylicia Rashad emceed College Summit’s “Destination: Opportunity” gala at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York. The dinner honored Barry Salzberg, retired CEO of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, for his decade-long leadership of College Summit’s Board of Directors.

Maryland County Adopts College Summit District-wide

One of the nation’s largest school districts, Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) just outside of Washington, DC, just announced that beginning this spring, all 29 high schools in the county will launch College Summit’s PeerForward program.

Students are the Answer

For those of you who I haven’t met in person, I am Keith Frome and I became CEO full-time this summer. I was a co-founder of College Summit two decades ago with J.B. Schramm and Derek Canty. I created the writing curriculum we use in the workshops, and have stayed associated with the organization ever since.

College Summit Bringing PeerForward to Every School in Prince George’s County

Watch as Janice Briscoe, Special Projects Officer, Prince George's County Public Schools, announces the districtwide expansion of College Summit's enhanced college access program. Keith Frome, College Summit CEO and Co-Founder, highlights the power of peer influence to create a college-going culture.

The Public Tutoring Initiative

“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. “ Thanks for aiming us so high, Mrs. Artz. - Taylor, New Orleans, LA

Alumni Spotlight Blog Post-Kaneisha Wheelock

This month, our Alumni Spotlight goes to Kaneisha Wheelock, a graduate student at the University of Buffalo. Read about Kaneisha's College Summit experience and her future plans.

The Public Tutoring Initiative

“I am so proud that my tutor is now working with College Summit! College Summit is very lucky to be receiving Public Tutoring’s expertise” Morgan, Washington, DC

College Test Prep Is Essential For Every Student

By 2020 65% of all jobs will require a college degree, and students who obtain post-secondary education will have a shot a more fulfilled life. For every paid test prep enrollment, The Public Tutoring Initiative will donate a course to a College Summit student who would not be able to afford the class.

The Public Tutoring Initiative

“Public Tutoring was instrumental in my success, and I’m thrilled that they’re continuing to help even more students succeed with this campaign” – Alex, Gates Mills, OH

The Birmingham Children’s March: The Impact of Peer Influence on Civil Rights

Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with an excerpt from Parting the Waters: America in the King Years 1954-63

Alumni Spotlight Blog-TaMarcia Braggs-George

This month , our Alumni Spotlight goes to TaMarcia Braggs-George, a St. Thomas University alumni. Read about TaMarcia's College Summit experience and her future plans.

Recognizing the Power of Peer-Led Initiatives

2016 is a momentous year as it is the year we formally implement PeerForward, our campaign for the next generation of College Summit, nationwide. It will also be the year of student-driven change, where our amazing Peer Leaders retreat in the summer with their coaches and faculty sponsors to plan campaigns designed to create a college-going culture for their entire school.

The Fable of the Two-Sided Mountain: A Story of the College Access World. Published in Traffic East Magazine, 2016.

Published in Traffic East Magazine, 2016. Photo by dellas.

Alumni Spotlight-Vincent Pendarvis II

Our Alumni Spotlight goes to Vincent Pendarvis II, a graduate from the Claflin University with a BA in Mass Communications. Read about Vincent's College Summit experience and his plans.

Join The PeerForward Movement

College Summit introduces you to:

Alumni Spotlight-Ramon Gomez

Our Alumni Spotlight goes to Ramon Gomez, a graduate from the University of California, Los Angeles. Read about Ramon’s College Summit experience and his plans after graduation.

Statement of College Summit in Response to the President Signing the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

College Summit congratulates and thanks President Obama for signing the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and applaud Congress for including the provision on states reporting the public and private post-secondary enrollment rates for every high school.

With the Passing of ESSA, our Nation Reaches a Consensus on the Purpose of the American High School

Last week, President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) into law. There is a provision found deep in the guts of the legislation that my College Summit co-Founder, J.B. Schramm, with the help of College Summit board members, have been building a coalition around for a decade that, when signed into law, will begin to change the face of American education.

Giving Tuesday

This GivingTuesday, make a gift to College Summit and help 1.8 million low-income high school students over the next 10 years connect to brighter futures.

Alumni Spotlight-Aloysia Jean

Our Alumni Spotlight goes to Aloysia Jean, a senior studying Sociology and Justice & Peace at Georgetown University. Read about Aloysia's College Summit experience and her plans after graduation.

Alumni Spotlight-Melanie Gonzalez

Our Alumni Spotlight goes to Melanie Gonzalez, a senior studying Communication Arts at Marymount Manhattan College. Read about Melanie's College Summit experience and her plans after graduation.

Creating A College-Going Culture Starts With The Students Themselves

Twenty years ago, my colleagues and I asked a fundamental question: Who is most influential to a 17-year-old? The answer: another 17-year old.

Alumni Spotlight-Zakiya Jackson

Our Alumni Spotlight goes to, Zakiya Jackson, a Radio Television and Film student at Texas Southern University. Read about Zakiya's College Summit experience and her plans after graduation.

Alumni Spotlight-Venesa Coger

Our Alumni Spotlight goes to, Venesa Coger, a Fashion Merchandising student at Fisher College. Read about Venesa's College Summit experience and her plans after graduation.

Alumni Spotlight-Daisha Overstreet

Our Alumni Spotlight goes to, Daisha Overstreet, a Magazine Journalism student at Kent State University. Read about Daisha's College Summit experience and her plans after graduation.

Summer Impact Series – Ana Reyes

Meet Ana Reyes, a College Summit legend who went from Peer Leader to Alumni Leader to Alumni Leader Coordinator to Tech Coordinator to Workshop Director to Rap Director and now Alumni Engagement Coordinator in the National office!

Summer Impact Series – Kevin Naiker

Meet Kevin Naiker, Director of College Coaching who went from anti-Apartheid activist to college access educator, now teaching at Howard Community College.

Alumni Spotlight-Ayont Young

Our Alumni Spotlight goes to, Ayont Young, a Nursing student at University of Pennsylvania. Read about Ayont's College Summit experience and her plans after graduation.

Summer Impact Series Satra Sampson-Arokium

Meet Satra Sampson-Arokium, celebrating her 10th year as a College Summit volunteer, currently serving as a Writing Coach Coordinator in the Connecticut Region. Her motto is: “Don’t give up. Continue to reach beyond the sky. Obstacles may come your way, but just keep fighting.”

Alumni Spotlight-Scophia Flemming

Our Alumni Spotlight goes to, Scophia Flemming a Broadcast Journalism student at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida. Read about Scophia's College Summit experience and her plans after graduation.

Summer Impact Series Robert Scholl

Meet Robert Scholl, West Virginia native and retired college admissions professional who is celebrating 11 years as a volunteer for College Summit! He currently serves as a Director of College Coaching.

Summer Impact Series Julia Brown

Meet Julia Brown, high school chorus teacher in Columbia, SC who started as a Chaperone, turned into a Writing Coach, Writing Coach Coordinator, and then watched her own son become a Peer Leader. Every year at workshops she tells her students: “When you got here you came with a suitcase filled a lot of heavy burdens. When you leave, you have a suitcase filled with everything you need to start you journey into the next chapter of your life’s journey.”

Back To School Twitter Chat

This month we continue our #BeAGrad chat series with more tips for college students. In our Back to School chat, we will share tips and advice to help college students be successful on day one and beyond! This month’s guest hosts are Chelsea Jones and Ken Schneck. Join us Thurs, August 27th at 3pmEST(12pmPST). Follow @collegesummit to join the conversation.

Back-To-School Campaign: Tammy Peterson

Volunteering as a writing coach changed Tammy's life. She was able to see firsthand the transformation from students to Peer Leaders - and asks for your support to take these students to and through college.

College Summit Launches Back-To-School Campaign

College Summit launches our Back-to-School campaign to raise money that will support the 1,400 new Peer Leaders about to return for their senior year - armed with the knowledge and motivation to guide their their peers to and through college. Even a small amount can make a big difference in the lives of low-income youth across the country who dream of going to college. GIVE to College Summit today to help reach our $10,000 goal by September 21st.

Back-To-School Campaign: Lateef Romeo

CEO Keith Frome shares with the College Summit community the story of Lateef Romeo - and how a small donation today can make a big difference in the lives of students just like him.

Back-To-School Campaign: Natasha Bailey

Natasha Bailey, College Summit alumni, shares how she never thought she could be successful - until she became a Peer Leader. This back-to-school season, help us reach our $10,000 goal and support the next generation of college-goers. A small amount goes a long way.