College Summit transforms the lives of low-income youth by connecting them to college and career.

Our Approach


Recognizing that the person most influential to a seventeen year-old is another seventeen year-old, College Summit helps select and train influentialRead More 12th graders who lead their peers to and through college. The teens chosen to become Peer Leaders are not necessarily the highest academic achievers in their schools, but they are influencers among their classmates. In the summer before their senior year, Peer Leaders selected from our partner schools attend an intensive workshop on a college campus where we help them understand their potential to be advocates for their futures, get a feel for campus life, and master the nuts and bolts of getting into college. Peer Leaders return to their schools in the fall, passionate about their mission and ready to create a culture of college-going throughout the school.


College Summit provides its schools with 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade curricula that focus students on planning for and financing their futureRead More after high school. Available to all high school grades, the curriculum teaches students to be smart consumers of their postsecondary education. The curriculum opens their eyes to career options. It uncovers the best educational pathways needed to achieve those options and explains how to finance the right college for them. By senior year, the College Summit curriculum help students track and achieve essential milestones, like submitting their college and financial aid applications.


Most educators have no idea how many of their students apply for or enroll in college because the information is not publicly available. CollegeRead More Summit provides its educators frequently updated reports regarding college application submission, college enrollment, financial aid, and persistence. The reports also include detailed information on which institutions students are attending. College Summit works with schools to create an action plan based on an analysis of the data. We also provide this data to policymakers to inform their decision-making.

Our Work

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Smart College Shoppers

There is more to College Summit than inspiring students to enroll in college. Equally important is training smart shoppers. We empower students to make better decisions about which college to select, how much financial aid to accept, and which degree programs are in-demand. Students who make smart decisions on the front end are more likely to graduate, graduate in a shorter amount of time, and have less debt when they receive their degree.

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