College Summit’s model is unique in working with school leaders, educators, and students to ensure high schools have the kind of culture where going to college is the expectation, not the exception.


Our work with Schools and Educators

We provide educators at partner schools with the following resources:

  • School Year Curriculum for 9-12 Grade
  • Common Core State Standards Alignment Guides
  • Milestone Tracking Tools
  • Professional Development Opportunities and Support

School Year Curriculum for 9-12 Grade

College Summit curricula includes Launch, a 9th-11th grade curricula, and Navigator, a curricular framework and textbook for 12th grade. Our curricula are based on developmentally-appropriate activities and lessons. Implementation models vary across our regions and districts to accommodate each school’s needs. Both Launch and Navigator were designed to work as stand-alone or embedded coursework. Educators are encouraged to utilize Peer Leaders, to help implement their curricula across the grades.

The College Summit curriculum emphasizes college and career readiness by treating high school as a launchpad to college. Through our lessons and activities, and based on the best available research, students develop skills and competencies in the five College Summit Core Understandings:

SELF ADVOCACY – Students will be empowered to speak about their personal experiences and comfortable communicating with a variety of individuals.

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE – Students will know their academic strengths, weaknesses, and learning style and understand the correlation between effort and success.

COLLEGE/CAREER CONNECTION – Students will understand the connection between success in a given field and the appropriate education and training.

COLLEGE 101 – Students will build a college-going vocabulary and prepare for the academic rigors of college through exposure to college-level curricula and work.

FINANCIAL AWARENESS – Students will understand the costs associated with various post-secondary options and making plans for covering them, learn about personal financial responsibility, and connect their education level to their future salary potential.

Common Core Standards

Widespread adoption of the Common Core State Standards steered the national conversation toward the issue of “college and career readiness.”

Through a generous grant from the MetLife Foundation, College Summit produced four grade-specific alignment guides (9th, 10th, 11th, 12th) that connect lessons and activities from our curricula to specific English Language Arts Standards. We have also authored a case statement on this initiative.

CSNav – Our Online Tool

To allow students and educators the opportunity to track their progress, we offer CSNav, an online companion tool. Through CSNav, students can track their milestone progress to and through high school completion as well as college enrollment and transition. Educators can track student progress on milestones for each grade via the CSNav ProCenter.

Educator Support

Every summer, we bring teachers, counselors and administrators together to provide them with tools and training on College Summit’s curriculum, CSNav, Peer Leader engagement, and data.

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