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Brookings Institution highlights PeerForward success

The prestigious Brookings Institution featured the success of our PeerForward model as a promising, innovative approach to expanding college access and improving public education. “While by no means a silver bullet, students themselves may be an untapped resource that could help transform our public schools,”... Read More

Defying Immigration Stereotypes: “I Got This”

Like a lot of other students at Santee, I come from another country and don’t have a tradition of college going in my family. Even if they wanted me to go, my parents didn’t have the knowledge or resources to help make it happen. On... Read More

peer influence
PeerForward teams prove power of peer influence

For decades, progress toward closing the gap in higher education achievement between high-income and low-income students has practically been nil. We believe students in low-income communities can change that. They are the solution. When systems serving youth adopt this mindset, the world will change. Activated... Read More

Working Together for Success

College Summit is excited to announce a new partnership with the Expanded Success Initiative (ESI) in New York City. An initiative of the New York City Department of Education since 2011, ESI is dedicated to improving educational outcomes for Black and Latino young men in... Read More

summer volunteer
Summer Volunteer Hannah Tall

“Being a summer volunteer with College Summit isn’t something you do once and forget about it. It’s a movement that you’re now part of, that you’ve made your mark on and you walk away feeling valuable and loved,” says regular summer workshop volunteer Hannah Tall. Tall,... Read More

Results are Rolling In!

It’s clear.  Our new program, PeerFoward, is making a real difference in the lives of students at low-income high schools. College Summit launched PeerForward this year based on an idea that – although validated by research – is still radical in American education: students can... Read More

peer advocate
Advocating for Peers and PeerForward

  The PeerForward team at Lincoln County High School in West Virginia has been trained by College Summit like all our teams to self-advocate and to advocate for others. Recently, the team put together an engaging video they presented to school administration to make the... Read More

PeerForward mentors
Can Students Do More?

The core belief of College Summit is that the power of positive peer influence can help drive up college enrollment and attainment rates for high schools serving students in low-income neighborhoods. In a guest blog post on, co-authored by our CEO and Co-founder Keith Frome... Read More

peer leader
Peer Leader Racks Up Acceptances

Congratulations to Peer Leader Olawunmi Akinlemibola at Duval High School in Prince George’s County! Olawunmi has been accepted to more than 14 schools, including Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Duke and the University of Pennsylvania. Now, she’s busy deciding which school to attend. Olawunmi is an exceptional... Read More

FAFSA completion
Creative Campaigns Improving College Chances

It takes commitment and ingenuity to run successful campaigns to get your friends and classmates to make an education plan for life after high school. College Summit’s 100 teams of Peer Leaders have shown both throughout the school year. Here are some of our favorite... Read More

The Role of Financial Aid

Moises Urena, now a SUNY student, came to believe he could go to college after attending a College Summit workshop. There, he was not only inspired to seek higher education, but to help his friends to do the same. Moises arrived on campus fairly well-equipped;... Read More

Of Peers and Pirouettes

Next fall, Izzy, a senior and Peer Leader at Lake Wales Charter High School, is heading to Randolph-Macon College in Virginia. She earned a tennis scholarship and looks forward to the student-athlete life, but she very nearly went in another direction. Dance was Izzy’s first... Read More

WUSA9 Suitland High College Signing Day

PeerForward Summer Workshop 2016

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