You can transform the lives of low-income youth by connecting them to college and careers.

Our Solutions

Promoting Peer Leadership™

College Summit works with high schools to identify the most influential students in a class and enlist these students into our corps of CollegeRead More Summit Peer Leaders™. Peer Leaders receive intensive training and then share with their classmates their enthusiasm for college and their college entrance know-how, including how to apply and how to pay. Importantly, they help their peers connect the dots between their own goals for the future and the choices they make in school each day.

Driving College Enrollment

Students participating in College Summit increased their high school’s college enrollment rates by an average of 20%. College Summit’s impact isRead More greatest in schools where college enrollments are lowest, helping achieve an improvement on average of more than 25%.

Keeping Kids in College

College Summit students stay in college at the same rate as students from every economic background. Three out of four of our students who attendRead More college go on to enroll in their sophomore year. The “persistence” rate is so high because College Summit provides students and parents with tools to be smart shoppers for the right college.

Where We Work

College Summit partners with high schools in low-income communities across the nation. To date, we have served over 250,000 students from 500 schools nationwide.

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